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TIPS, TRICKS & INSPIRATION Use This Rifle Caliber Chart to Pick the Right Ammo for Hunting When I first started big game hunting, most serious hunters handloaded their own ammunition. This was because the quality of the factory-loaded ammunition that was available was not always of the highest grade, and the selection of calibers, along with bullet weights and styles, was not the greatest either.


Find a wide variety of guns online from innovative and reliable brands designed with accuracy in mind. Choose from Centerfire Rifles and Rimfire Rifles for target shooting and hunting from a tree stand. For open and concealed carry, shop Centerfire Pistols and Rimfire Pistols. When you are ready to shoot clay pigeons and targets, choose from our selection of Shotguns.

Handgun Education Resources

Handgun laws vary widely by state – and even by county or city – making local law enforcement an invaluable resource. Officers will be able to provide you with information on how to purchase a handgun, local handgun laws and the requirements to obtain a concealed handgun permit, and in some cases will recommend a training program. It is your responsibility to be educated on, and to obey, all laws at all times, and local law enforcement is the ultimate source for this information. If you’re traveling, make sure you contact all applicable law-enforcement agencies before entering their areas of jurisdiction.

Concealed Handgun Training

Hands-on instruction will build the fundamental knowledge you’ll use in both practice and real life. Many concealed-handgun applications require a certificate of training from a licensed instructor. It is important to note that this is the minimum amount of training required, and seeking out additional training will improve your skill sets. Many instructors who teach entry-level classes also hold intermediate, advanced and specialized courses. These types of courses build upon your basic knowledge, expanding both your physical and mental skills.

Finding the Right Handgun Equipment for You

Every person and every situation is different, which is why there’s such a wide range of gun equipment available. Very rarely will you see two people with the same handgun, holster and accessories – there is simply no universally right answer. You need to select a setup based on your personal situation. We recommend swinging by your local Cabela’s store, where our Outfitters will help you become familiar with the different styles of handguns, gun holsters, ammunition and accessories. Your handgun instructor will also be able to provide personalized advice, but ultimately you’ll need to decide what equipment is right for you.

Practice Your New Handgun Skills Safely

Taking a training course teaches you skills. Practicing those skills regularly is what makes you proficient. Your training instructor will be able to provide you with, or direct you to, the resources you need to practice effectively.

Practice with demo training guns, they are exact replicas of real handguns, providing you with hands-on training that transfers directly to your carry weapon. Their realistic construction allows you to practice accessing and drawing from the same holster you carry every day to develop a smoother and more consistent draw and grip.

You can also become familiar with drawing from different holster styles without using a real weapon. These solid-plastic reproductions provide real-world training without posing a safety risk to you or anyone around you. In addition to refining your skills, they’re a great way to teach proper handling and safety techniques to others in a safe, controlled environment.

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