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1000 ROUNDS REMINGTON GOLDEN BULLET 22LR 36GR HP Ammunition is one of the available .22 Rimfire choices from Remington. Like the other ammo choices, this product is perfect for a range of activities, including small-game hunting, practice plinking, teaching beginner shooters, and match shooting.
Manufacturer Remington
Caliber .22 LR
Grain 36 gr
Bullet Type HP
Rounds 525
1000 ROUNDS REMINGTON GOLDEN BULLET 22LR 36GR HP  is one of the leaders in 22LR rimfire ammunition advancements. Their wide variety of loadings means that you are
When the sun finally shines, a marksman’s fancy turns toward shooting a .22 Long Rifle. The array of 22 LR Loads though, turns a person’s head every which way. Subsonic target loads are the key to decisive accuracy on targets, while hyper-velocity cartridges provide striking bullet expansion on small varmints. In between, standard and high-velocity .22 LRs are loaded with a variety of bullet weights and styles for everything from small-game hunting, to plinking on a pleasant afternoon. All testing conducted with a Cooper Model 57-M rifle, and Leupold VX-2 Rimfire 3-9×33 mm scope. Values are the average of two 5-shot groups.
My cousin refuses to believe my Cooper Model 57-M can beat his Winchester Model 52 at the local turkey shoot every fall. The rules are simple, with 10 contestants firing one shot apiece at a + in the center of a 1-inch circle at 50 yards and the closest shot to the + wins a frozen turkey. To soothe his ego, I tell Gene his Winchester is one of the finest .22 target rifles ever made and the CCI Mini Mag shells he shoots are great for shooting ground squirrels. But I don’t tell him my Cooper is shooting Lapua X-ACT cartridges. Because the Lapua .22 LR cartridges fire 40-grain bullets slightly slower than the speed of sound, the bullets have a stable flight because they are not buffeted by a sharp increase in air resistance and deliver great accuracy. The amount of wind deflection of a .22 LR bullet is determined by loss of velocity during time of flight, not a shorter time of flight. The subsonic bullets retain a few percentage points more of their initial velocity than high-velocity bullets. So the slower bullets drift about half an inch less at 50 yards in a 10 mph wind than the Gene’s Mini Mags.
Low-Speed .22 LRs
As their names indicate, CCI Quiet-22 and Remington CBee 22 Low Noise LRs create a report scarcely louder than an air rifle. CCI and Remington achieve this mild sound firing bullets at velocities somewhat over 700 feet per second.


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