5.56 Ammo .223 Tracer Lake City USGI AR-15

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5.56 Ammo .223 Tracer Lake City USGI AR-15

5.56 Ammo .223 Tracer Lake City USGI AR-15. This is an auction for 100 Lake City USGI M856 tracer ammo. They will work in any good condition AR-15 or other 5.56/.223. The pictures are of the actual rounds that you will receive. Each bullet weighs 64 grains. Check out the pictures and decide the condition for yourself. Please ask all questions prior to bidding. Payment is expected within 7 days. Insured, priority shipping is $18.95 to anywhere in the lower 48 states. Hawaii and Alaska are more. Please note what the payment is for along with your payment. No international shipping. JOIN THE NRA TODAY. Please check out my other auctions! *I prefer post office money orders , but will take check or money order for payment.

Made to military specifications by the ammo experts at the Lake City ammo plant, Federal® Lake City 5.56 Centerfire Rifle Ammo makes a great choice for your high performance AR-15 or other sporting rifles. Loaded with boxer primed, reloadable brass casings, these mil spec rounds feature a 55 grain, Full Metal Jacket boat tail bullet, offering flat trajectories and reduced drag for improved accuracy. A great choice for training and practice.

  • Mil Spec round made at Lake City plant
  • Reloadable brass casings
  • 55 grain, full metal jacket boat tail bullet
  • Mil Spec boxer primers

Product Description:

100 Rounds of USGI Lake City 5.56 NATO – M856 Tracer ammunition per carton. M856 is 64 Gr. Orange Tip “Long Burn” Tracer for extended range visibility. Packaged with 100 rounds of LC M856 Tracer per cardboard carton. Carton contains either (5) 20-round boxes of LC M856 Tracer per carton, or 100 rounds of loose of LC M856 Tracer per carton. This ammunition can be easily linked by hand for use with M855 Penetrator in M27 linked ammunition, or simply loaded into standard 5.56mm magazines for non-belt fed firearms. Pro Tip: Some professional shooters prefer a mixture of ball and tracer ammunition for belt-fed firearms, and others load a tracer into the magazine as the fourth round from the bottom to signal when time to reload! Brass cases are reloadable. Supplies Limited – In Stock and ready to Ship!
A word about our 5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x51mm NATO Spec ammunition – FightLite® Industries generally designs its products around NATO Spec ammunition and more specifically, ammunition produced at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant which is the “gold standard” for military grade ammunition. Lake City is a government-owned, contractor-operated (GOCO) ammunition production plant in Independence, MO that produces most of the small arms ammunition used by US Armed Forces and warfighters. Established in 1941, Lake City has been operated by ATK (which was recently acquired by Northrop Grumman) since 2001 but will transition to Olin Winchester as its operator on October 1, 2020. Olin Winchester makes excellent products and it is our expectation that they will continue Lake City’s reputation for “gold standard” military grade ammunition; but what we don’t know is what Lake City ammunition availability may (or may not) be from Olin Winchester for civilian sales.
So why do we gravitate toward NATO Spec ammunition when there are many other options and, in some cases, more accurate ammunition being produced or imported by civilian companies? To sum it up in three words: consistency, durability and reliability. NATO Spec ammunition usually has thicker case wall and base, which is less prone to damage and case blowout when used in chambers designed for automatic fire. Non-corrosive boxer primers are sealed against moisture intrusion and are staked into the primer pocket which prevents primer blowouts. Projectiles are sealed in the case to prevent moisture intrusion and the case mouth is crimped into the cannelure to prevent bullet setback under recoil loading; which when it occurs can drive case and chamber pressures up to extremely high and dangerous levels for the firearm and the operator. The Lake City propellants are non-corrosive and burn rates are also very consistent between production lots, as are the case sizing and case annealing processes. All of this translates to greater reliability with NATO Spec ammunition, because many civilian producers skip some of the listed production steps to keep their product costs down. Lake City ammunition spent cartridge casings are reloadable with common boxer primers for those who reload ammunition.
This product is currently restricted for sale to, or possession by “individuals” in the States of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Washington D.C., and may also be restricted in other jurisdictions. Laws relating to firearms and firearm accessories frequently with all laws and regulations. All FightLite® Industries products are ITAR controlled and change and evolve, and it is the buyer’s responsibility to be aware of and to always comply may not be exported from the United States of America without prior US Government authorisation.

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