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Beretta A300 Outlander Semi-Auto Shotgun in True Timber DRT Camo – 12 Gauge

Beretta A300 for sale in Legal Gun Shop in USA. Beretta® designed the A300 Outlander® Semi-Auto Shotgun, coated with True Timber® DRT™ Camo, specifically for waterfowl hunting. The True Timber DRT (Dead Right There) coating reduces corrosion inherent to goose and duck hunting conditions, and blends in with swamps and wetlands with a brown/gray contrast, yet has enough hazy yellow coloration for cattails and CRP fields. The A300 is the embodiment of a reliable, low-maintenance hunting shotgun; under field conditions the A300 easily disassembles into 4 major components without the need of tools, and it features a self-cleaning gas piston.

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The synthetic stock allows you to customize the drop and cast by means of spacers so you always have a semi-automatic shotgun that fits right, points instinctively, and swings fluidly on fast moving targets. A high-absorption recoil pad, coupled with the gas operating system reduces recoil and keeps you on target for fast follow up shots. A reversible safety adapts the A300 for left- or right-handed shooters. Sling swivel posts on stock and forend cap allow for carrying the A300 slung on your shoulder while carrying decoys and gear.

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Beretta’s A300 Outlander is an affordable, well-made, semi-auto shotgun that handles well and is comparatively lightweight. The Berretta A300 Outlander in True Timber DRT is made for waterfowl hunting, though with its sleek lightweight design it doubles for pheasant hunting, and for an all-purpose shotgun. The A300 shoots 2-3/4″ and 3″ shells interchangeably and uses Mobile choke screw-in choke tubes.
The Outlander is today’s best value in a semiauto shotgun, enabling hunt7ers on a more modest budget to trade up to a Beretta. A worthy heir to Beretta’s famed 300 line that is used by millions of sportsmen worldwide, the A300 offers dreamlike performance and point ability out of the box

  • True Timber DRT camo
  • Coating reduces corrosion
  • Reliable and low-maintenance
  • Easily disassembles without tools
  • Points instinctively and swings fluidly
  • Mobile choke screw-in choke tubes
  • Cycles 2-3/4″ and 3″ shells
  • High-absorption recoil pad


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