B&T APC9-SD 9mm Suppressed Submachine Gun




B&T APC9 is available legal guns shop in USA.The B&T APC9SD is reliable, accurate, compact, ambidextrous and due to the integrated suppressor, very quiet. The APC9 SD conveniently accepts widely available GLOCK 9mm magazines, making it the perfect submachine gun for all police and military tasks where stealth is a necessity. Thanks to special ports in front of the chamber, supersonic ammunition can be used.



    • Caliber: 9mm


    • System: Closed Bolt Blow Back


    • Operation: Semi-Automatic or Full Automatic


    • Length min./max.: 556mm / 21.88in


    • Width: 67 mm / 2.63 inches


    • Height: 290 mm / 11.41 inches (including magazine)


    • Barrel Length: 175 mm / 6.88 inches


    • Weight: 3.1 kg / 6.8 lbs (with loaded magazine & stock)


    • Stock Pull: 340mm / 13.38 inches
    • Magazine Type: GLOCK 9mm


  • Capacity: 17, 24 or 33 rounds

The APC submachine gun is offered in several variants. The standard submachine gun has a barrel length of 175 mm (6.9 in) and the carbine variant has a 406-millimetre (16.0 in) barrel for the civilian market. All variants are available in 9×19mm (APC9) and .45 ACP (APC45) caliber. The APC PRO series has the capability to have different caliber  options, stocks, suppressors, accessories, training versions and the ability to accept either Glock or SIG P320 magazines, giving the platform vast modularity for its operators. Gat guns , buds guns, b&t apc9, b&t apc9 pro ,guns plus, get some guns, Hyatt guns, spring guns and ammo, Zx guns.


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