Colt Rifle Length Gas Tube for M16/AR15


Colt Rifle Length Gas Tube for M16/AR15

Colt Rifle Length Gas Tube for M16/AR15 for sale


Factory Colt rifle length gas tube for M16/AR15 style firearms. Stainless steel construction to mil-spec.

Colt Carbine length Gas Tube – Stainless Steel

this is a new take-off from a factory carbine rifle.  Colt does test fire each of its rifles, so this will show some carbon on the gas port, but that is only from factory test firing

100% Colt carbine length stainless steel gas tube, made in America. Carbine length is roughly 9-3/4″ long.  Charlie’s receives new rifles which have been test fired by Colt, and removes the gas tube and other parts.  Expect to see scratches and evidence of carbon from test firting, as this is a gas tube that has been high pressure tested.  This is not a clean unused gas tube, but one that comes off of a new Colt rifle.  Unlike commercial rifles, Colt test fires their rifles, so new take-off bolts have brass, and new take-off gas tubes have scratches and carbon.  Colt runs 1 to 30 rounds through their gas tubes, depending upon the rifle.


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